Nurses do an incredible job, to say the least. The profession is, however, very demanding as most nurses work long shifts of up to 16 hours.

Such long shifts can be strenuous, especially for those with back pain.

An excellent pair of shoes that offers the necessary support even after long hours of work is therefore essential to alleviate back pain.



At Fly Flot, we have a range of professional shoes that cater for occupations that spend a lot of time on their feet, making this range an excellent choice for nurses looking for shoes that offer support and shock absorption. These shoes can withstand long hours on your feet without wearing out.

Try this super comfortable Italian-made footwear brand with the 4 points of well-being!

Anatomic – The Fly Flot insole takes the shape of the foot’s anatomy and this increases its supporting surface
Anti-shock – The sole of Fly Flot cushions the impact of the foot on the ground and avoids harmful vibration to the backbone.
Self-moulding – The Fly Flot insole is soft and light and, by wearing it, it takes the shape of the wearer’s foot anatomy.
Anti-Slip – The Fly Flot sole enables optimal grip on all surfaces, hence giving an improved sense of safety to the wearer.




 This article was created by Fly Flot, the premiere choice for Fly Flot shoes, and sandals, in Malaysia. We offer the highest grade of footwear in Italy, designed to last a lifetime, made of the finest quality materials, for business and casual wear. Our footwear is reputable, known for its excellence and advanced features that contribute to lifelong proper foot care. 

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