The "FLY FLOT Comfort Made In Italy" footwear which has and will transport millions of passengers along the street all over the world, is conceived with this specific mission: To ensure great comfort to the feet and also a sense of pleasure to the person as whole.

Millions of men and women is wearing the "FLY FLOT Comfort Made In Italy" footwear and feeling the great pleasure in their every step. Step by step, the freedom and confidence that spread from feet to all over the body and makes all the walking in it worthwhile.

“FLY FLOT Comfort Made In Italy” footwear is the Italian response to the need of living your life with the support of your feet in a calm and comfortable manner. With FLY FLOT footwear, comfort does not only include walking, but also conveys a great sense of pleasure to the wearer as they take on the world, one step at a time.

All Fly Flot soles are made with a unique direct injection system which provides feet with “The Four Points Of Well-Being”. Nevertheless, to be able to stay on top of the game, FLY FLOT has taken the advantage of fabric and leather as well to complete the relaxing qualities of this extraordinary footwear

Truth be told, the “FLY FLOT Comfort Made In Italy” footwear is a truly Italian phenomenon. Manufactured in Italy with a production higher than two million pairs of shoes per year and reaching all continents around the world. We are proud to be part of FLY FLOT.

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