We believe that there is not enough emphasis placed on the importance of correct footwear for your health. We want to dedicate this article to describing the health benefits of comfortable shoes.

If we are sure of anything here at Fly Flot, it is that if you care about wearing proper footwear, you ensure that you move much better throughout the day without anything stopping you. By wearing comfortable, quality shoes you are investing your money in a pair of shoes that will serve you for a long time and that will avoid many setbacks. Wearing comfortable footwear has all kinds of benefits for our body, especially in relation to foot care. But not only for our feet.

Good shoes made with quality, breathable materials and with a comfortable sole allow you a better comfort when it comes to being on the move. The best footwear for someone is one that does not do any damage, that does not rub or squeeze, and with which it feels as if you are practically barefoot, but with the protection needed to walk on any type of surface.

We should also look for this feature in shoes that are usually not comfortable a priori, such as men’s dress shoes or women’s heels. Fly Flot has a large selection of very elegant but equally comfortable models, because your feet can be comfortable even on the more special occasions.

Some uncomfortable shoes prevent us from walking properly, forcing the natural position of the foot, ankles, knees and hips, and, in general, the back and the whole body.

When we wear appropriate shoes, it is much easier to maintain a more natural posture, without our joints or muscles being affected. If the shoe also has a little heel, it will be much more comfortable not to force the strap, and to be able to walk fully upright without discomfort.

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This article was created by Fly Flot, the premiere choice for Fly Flot shoes, and sandals, in Malaysia. We offer the highest grade of footwear in Italy, designed to last a lifetime, made of the finest quality materials, for business and casual wear. Our footwear is reputable, known for its excellence and advanced features that contribute to lifelong proper foot care. 


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