What is self-moulding soles?

Self-moulding soles are a type of soles that will automatically shape themselves to the unique shape of our feet when we wear them. The FLY FLOT sole is by its nature soft and light, it will adjust to your unique foot design and shape in every step we take.

Why self-moulding soles is important in our life?

It is important to choose shoes with self-moulding soles because it provides better pressure distribution. The soles will follow the heel cups that gives us stability and support when walking or standing. This support will reduce heel, knee, hip, and lower back pain. Self-moulding soles also is highly recommended for people with diabetes, arthritis, or skin disorders that require friction-free foot movement. Because the characteristic of FLY FLOT self-moulding soles is soft and light, it helps reduces the force of impact when walking and supports the soft tissue arch.

What is the best choice of self-moulding shoes in Malaysia?

All FLY FLOT shoes are made with self-moulding characteristics. The FLY FLOT sole is the result of advanced technological research, a deep understanding of the human body and decades of footwear craftsmanship. The Fly Flot brand has become universally synonymous with comfortable and practical footwear, the finest of Made in Italy providing you with a whole new concept of comfortable footwear and well-being. FLY FLOT offers a wide variety of designs for women and men. The elegant designs include back straps, thongs, clogs, slides, sneakers and many more. Not only limited to Self-Moulding, but FLY FLOT soles also have another uniqueness including Anti Slip, Anatomic and Anti Shock. Anti-Slip sole guarantees optimal grip on every surface, giving you an improved sense of safety and confidence. The Anti Shock will cushion the foot impact with the ground, avoiding harmful vibrations to your backbone. Anatomic soles take the shape of your foot's anatomy, maximizing its supporting surface.


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This article was created by Fly Flot, the premiere choice for Fly Flot shoes, and sandals, in Malaysia. We offer the highest grade of footwear in Italy, designed to last a lifetime, made of the finest quality materials, for business and casual wear. Our footwear is reputable, known for its excellence and advanced features that contribute to lifelong proper foot care. 



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