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If you think comfortable sneakers with velcro straps can‰۪t look pretty,you obviously haven‰۪t come across these high-quality sneakers from Italy. A front velcro strap allows for good fitting ‰ÛÒ this means that we can adjust these sandals to fit different angles and sizes of your instep (that‰۪s the top part of your foot).

Whether you have flat feet or high arches, you will most likely find a memory of these insoles comfortable and supportive enough to help you recover from and Prevent Heel Pain. Fly Flot soles alleviate foot impact on the floor, avoiding harmful vibrations to the backbone. It's the perfect sneakers style for long walks.

  • Soft Microfiber Upper
  • Memory Insole
  • Piumatec Polyurethane Sole
  • Sole Height 4.8 cm

Recommended for:

Has foot problemsåÊlike Plantar Fasciitis, Flat Feet, High Arches, Corns, Calluses, Bunions, and Achilles Tendonitis.

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The well-being and comfort of FLY FLOT shoes are guaranteed by the unique sole and by the characteristics that are referred to as the "4 points of total well-being".

Becomes one with your foot


The FLY FLOT sole is by its nature soft and light. When you wear it, it automatically shapes itself to the unique shape of your foot.

walk with confidence


The soles of FLY FLOT offer excellent grip on all types of surfaces, giving you enhanced confidence wherever you walk.

More support where it matters


Each FLY FLOT shoe’s sole construction is specially designed to offer instant adaption to the foot's anatomical shape and maximises the entire foot sole’s support surface.

No back pains anymore


The FLY FLOT sole absorbs the foot impact with the ground, avoiding harmful vibrations that may be transmitted to your spine.

  • Charlene B.

    "I found out about Fly Flot via a friend. She was excited, so i order my first pair too. Fast delivery, and indeed: sooooo comfy."

  • Mohammad F.

    "I work in a hospital and that means long days, standing and walking all the time. Since I wear my Fly Flots at work, I've no problems with my back and knees anynore. Thank you FlyFlot"